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Our business is based on constant upgrading and learning. We monitor the market and harmonize with modern achievements in terms of fast data exchange, online communication, use of foreign business accounts (Wise, Revolut, etc.) for doing business abroad, fast and timely availability to each of our clients through various social networks and such. In addition to the various services we offer, we are here for the client from starting a business, in the form of writing a business plan for self-employment, assistance in opening a business / company physically or online, posting, payment of salaries and other orders, writing documentation for various state aid, writing documentation for EU funds, providing financial advice for domestic, EU and foreign clients as well as for digital nomads. And as a second business domain of our interest which is Software Development, we offer various programming services including building websites, web apps and team extension. So, we strive to offer the client the widest possible range of services in order to have everything in one place or we could just say one-stop-shop. And what we emphasize the most of our activities is the maximum care for each client.

/ Services

The company VICTOR DEVELOPMENT d.o.o. is founded after many years of being present in business through independent work, gathering valuable information and experience that later served us in a way that we can combine our professions, accounting, and software development with maximum care and commitment to the client. For many years we have been listening to the market, the needs of clients, what is important for them in business, and decided to start one of our own. So, we divide our services into two basic segments, which are as mentioned – Software Development and Accounting&Finance

Software development


.NET C# 
.NET core, microservices, Azure




MSSQL, MySql, MongoDB, DB2


DevExtreme, PrimeNG

Accounting & Finance


Financial Accounting


Business plans, Virtual assistance


Writing documentation for EU projects


Financial and accounting consultations

/ Projects

Focus on Financial domain

More than 2 million HRK of assigned state aid for our clients.
Accounting and administration for one of the most successful clients in the telecommunications industry.
Accounting for some of the major travel agencies.
Cooperation with citizens of European Union as well as digital nomads.

Software development:
Team management and work on core projects and systems of leading Croatian insurance companies.
Work on core projects and systems of a leading regional bank as a team member.
Work on US payroll & tax projects as a team member.
Team leading and working on health domain projects for the US market.
Team leading and working on projects for the automated production of travel documents for the German market.



2,200,000 HRK

Assigned state aid for our clients


Coffee cups


Major software projects

/ Company

We’re based in Split-Dalmatia County.

Check our office at Kaleta II, Split.

We are a family company founded in 2019. after more than 15 years of working professionally in our business domains. The headquarters of our company, VICTOR DEVELOPMENT d.o.o. is located at Borisa Papandopula 23, and our other office at Ruđera Boškovića 13 (Kaleta 2), both in beautiful city of Split. Our operation is based on the quality of service that constantly keeps pace with the modern way of doing business, meaning that we are maximally focused on digital business, online work, communication via social networks, and various mobile applications. That way we improve the service, speed up communication, save time and make it easier for our clients and us.

Combining the two main services, Software Development and Accounting, our clients can count on us being there for their business at any time, no matter where they’re physically located. Since there are no restrictions on doing business that way, we operate in the whole territory of the Republic of Croatia. We would further emphasize that the client in addition to maximum commitment, tidiness, and up-to-dateness, receives timely information, compliance with the law, responsiveness, availability at all times, and fast communication.

/ Colleagues For Help


More than 10 years of work in the profession, first in the company, where she managed complete accounting for more than 100 workers, then in the bookkeeping service where she independently managed more than 30 companies, then work in a leading charter company, and then opened her lump-sum business which eventually expanded to a family business.


Many years of experience in project management and software development mostly in the financial domain, as well as several years of cooperation with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture as an assistant at the course Computers and Programming and cooperation on several scientific projects as a software engineer.